House Rules



23 August 2003 - 13:30

Updated the characters page, specifically: added Leong's character sheet, added updated versions of Fayz and Silas' character sheets.

9th June 2003 - 21:00

More updates to the characters page.

9th June 2003 - 13:10

Spells, spells, and more spells on the Resources page.

8th June 2003 - 22:00

And finally for today (probably) Na'Thal and Tuin now have backgrounds.

8th June 2003 - 19:00

Hurrah! The fabled Combat 101 has made it to the website. Check the resources section.

8th June 2003 - 18:10

Some of my players love me. Leong has sent me not only a character portrait, but also a character history. Check them out in the characters section.

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Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.