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After staking a claim to various little bits of the internet I thought I should get a bat cave from which I could co-ordinate the whole thing.


Well the other stuff, if you really want it, can be found here (and yes, I really should go get appropriate graphical buttons for these once I have an internet connection - but whether I remember is another matter):

And so it begins...

August 7th 2009 by Plib

I really don't have an awful lot to say here, the main point of this page at the moment is to act as a convenient repository for the links to the left that I'll be able to access easily at work.

Current projects:

  • Bob and Eric, fairy armadillo (Armadirro!) good and evil twins - this is what happens when you get weird requests for drawings off friends.
  • Scion! - Write ups of the last two games.
  • Ascendancy - Tribal lore for The People.
  • Ascendancy - Chibi characters, because having thought of it I just have to...

And that's about all I can think of...